From the UK:

mothan – ★★★★★

by mothan – Version 3.5 – Dec 15, 2011

Very impressed with this product. Its beauty lies in the effectiveness of its filtering system. Instead of facing a few hundred near or perfect rhymes you can filter by strength and thus save considerable time. I write the copy for a Road Safety Calendar and am constantly looking for rhymes for words like ‘seatbelt,’ ‘cross’ and ‘safely’ to name a few. In one evening I have now got two snappy slogans written and a good few ideas to develop. This would be an excellent help to a very wide variety of people and a most useful resource for every library and educational establishment. Furthermore, the App has a built in dictionary which is a handy addition. Congratulations to the author and developers, keep up the good work.

From the USA:

Delighted – ★★★★★

by Bonnie Jo Jones – Version 3.5 – Feb 20, 2012

As a formal-verse poet, I love this versatile and useful app. To fully appreciate Rhyme Finder, it is important to differentiate between several kinds of rhyme. Optimal use of the rhyme strength bar depends on this. For example, for the word “vent,” the strong setting finds identicals. The second setting finds true rhymes, and the third setting finds near rhymes. The weak setting finds final consonantal rhymes. If a word has no identicals, as is the case with “jeep,” then the strong setting finds true rhymes. The number of settings varies according to the kinds of rhyme available. Sometimes you might get two kinds of consonantal rhymes at the medium and weak levels, as with the word “first.” I have noticed only one incorrect match so far, where “anemone” was offered as a 3-syllable true rhyme for “phone.” At first I thought it might have been included as an eye rhyme, but then I saw the 3 syllable count. No two rhyming dictionaries are alike, and none are omnipotent. I often consult several–including books, e-books, and websites–before finding the right rhyme. But I really wanted an offline, fully-searchable rhyme source on my MacBook Air. So when I came across Rhyme Finder, I couldn’t resist–especially for only $1.99. I’m truly delighted with how well it works!

From Canada:

Very Useful – ★★★★

by Frank sanatra – Version 3.5 – Mar 17, 2012

excelent tool for pairing rhymes with syllables. convienient and user friendly, I couldent have asked for more. i’m surprised its not Apple designed. worth the toonie investment. (p.s searching ‘more’ does give the sugestion of ‘door’ and ‘store’ – hint: filter rhyme strength)